In-person Daylong Training on ‘Etiquette and Service Excellence in Corporate Environment’, on 12th August 2022.

DCCI Business Institute (DBI) is going to organize an In-person Daylong Training on ‘Etiquette and Service Excellence in Corporate Environment’, scheduled to be held on 12th August 2022 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at DBI, Dhaka Chamber Building (11th floor), 65-66 Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000.

Topics Overview in Brief: Today's corporate world is very competitive. And today's executives are also very ambitious. To compete in this environment, executives are trying to package themselves in a way that would enhance their marketability. Many are trying to create the "total corporate image". Developing such an image involves achieving a well-balanced combination of attitude, personal grooming, corporate etiquette and physical attractiveness along with knowledge, expertise, technical and communications skills and other abilities required by the job. DBI offers this training course to familiarize these matters.

Objective: The objectives of the training course are to develop Communication skills, Distance Communication skills, Math of Correct English, personal development of an working people and formal & informal visible Communications.

Contents: Communication skills development: Silent & Spoken Communication,  Communication within work place, Communicating from & distance, Email/Phone/Cell Phone/ Letter, Productive Behavior, Good Manner/Bad Manner, Business Etiquette; Distance communication skills development: Importance of Correct Email, Correct Official & Personal Letter, Report Writing, Public Speaking to Captivate & Concur Customer & Audience; Math of correct English  skills development: Correct English Pronunciation, English Pronunciation for Bangla Speaker, Importance of Correct Stress on words while Speaking, Laws of Dictionary use, List of Works-Repetitive Pronunciation  Exercise; Personal skills development: Grooming (Man & Women), English Conversation, Brainstorming /troubleshooting to solve problem areas, Participants to watch BBC, CNN Weather Forecast to understand formal body language. Discussion on common errors in Pronunciation, Common errors of Body Language, Common errors in Office Decorum. Dos and Don’ts;  Formal and informal visible communication  skills: Concept of formal and informal dressing with demonstration, Communication within work place and without; Usage of office areas: (a) Sitting areas , (b) stairway, (c) Elevators, (d) Toilets, (e) Dining Manner, (f) Board room, (g) Reception , (h) Office Decoration, etc.


Who Can Attend: Business Entrepreneurs, Senior Executives, Executives, Asst. Managers, Supervisors, Officers/ Managers who lead the organization, any employee specially of HR & Admin dept.; any person who wants to gather knowledge on Corporate Etiquette.

Facilitator: Facilitator of the training is Mr. Alhaj Md .Nurul islam Sarker, Former Principal Meghna Bank training center and MTBT.

Fees: Tk. 3,000/- payable in favour of ‘Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry’ by cash/ pay order/ cheque/ EFT. It could also be paid through bKash merchant number 01766018659 (Payment) with bKash charge Tk.50/-. Course fee includes refreshments, lunch, stationery, learning materials and excludes VAT and Tax.

Procedure: The intending candidates may collect Registration Form from DBI Office for submitting to DBI after filling up duly or log on to for registration. Please contact at 01913745062 for more information. Registration Deadline: 10 August 2022. Certificate: Certificate will be awarded.

We would appreciate if you could kindly participate and/or nominate concerned official(s) from your esteemed organization to this Training Course.

Published on: 2022-08-12

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