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Indian anti-dumping duty hurts our Jute industry
08 Jan 2017

In a bid to discourage the imports of jute goods from Bangladesh in India, the Directorate General of Anti-Dumping and Allied Duties (DGAD) proposed imposition of anti-dumping duty on jute items imported from Bangladesh against accusation of lowered price and injury to domestic industry by Indian Jute Mills Association.


Ministry of Finance, Government of India has imposed anti dumping duty ranging $8 to $350 per tonne, originating in Bangladesh and Nepal  based on the investigation outcome though there is no clear finding of injury caused by our exported price and volume on Indian local finished producers. Bangladesh usually exports processed jute made goods i.e. yarn, twine, sacks and bags worth around $700 million to many world destinations of which Indian market accounts for 20 percent equivalent to 8 percent of entire Indian local market share and this insignificant percentage can’t anyway dump their local jute market. Even though, the average industry injury margin assessed by DGAD was 25 percent less than required.


This proposed Anti dumping duty imposition could result adverse multiplier impacts on our local growers, producers, exporters and spur further trade imbalance of Bangladesh with India.


In the wake of above decision, DCCI is concerned about the iniquitous treatment of Ministry of Finance, Government of India on our jute which will have negative cascading impacts on parties involved in our local jute supply chain process, export market and dampen glorious heritage golden fibre of Bangladesh as whole our $6.5 Billion bilateral trade.


Bangladesh, despite being the largest export destination of India in South Asia, is working hard to improve and maintain a justified cross-border bilateral trade relation with India and this sort of decision is likely to blow to our endeavour. In this regard, our Ministry of commerce, Ministry of finance, Tariff commission and other concerned agencies of GoB are urged to immediately take up the issue to dismantle the decision of anti dumping and negotiate to refrain Ministry of finance of India from this sort of trade unfriendly decision in order to safeguarding our local jute industry and keeping the bilateral trade spree flourish in the days to come.


DC/PR/                                                                            07 January, 2017



News Editor

                                                                                      AHM Rezaul Kabir

                                                                                      Secretary General       

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