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Total Member 31
1 Vastech Ltd.
Representative: Mr. Md. Anowar Hossain
Designation: Chairman
Phone: 9614978-9, 01911-341751
2 Velox Agencies Limited
Representative: Mr. S. A. M. M. Nuruddin
Designation: Mg. Director
Phone: 9665493
3 Venture Poles Ltd.
Representative: Mr. Mirza Gholam Erfan
Designation: Mg. Director
Phone: 9852315-17
4 Veritas IT & Telecom Limited
Representative: Dr. Md. Habibe Millat
Designation: Chairman
Phone: 9871908-9
5 Veritas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Representative: Mr. Saad Mohammed Jaglul Abbas M
Designation: Director
Phone: 9871908-9, 9871995-6, 01912-9555
6 Versute Engineering Limited
Representative: Mr. A.Z.M Mahafuzur Rahman
Designation: Chairman
Phone: 8919223
7 Vertex Chambers
Representative: Mr. Junayed Chowdhury
Designation: Mg. Partner
Phone: 9891037
8 Vertex International Limited
Representative: Mr. Mohd. Osman Ghani Talukder
Phone: 9561185-6
9 Vestel Cable TV Networks Limited
Representative: Mr. Md. Abu Ahmed
Designation: Managing Director
Phone: 8961732, 8900723, 01713-046218
10 Victor Electronics
Representative: Mr. S.H.M. Mohasin
Designation: Proprietor
Phone: 9550762
11 Victory Trading International
Representative: Mr. A. Naser Shahid
Designation: Proprietor
Phone: 7162399
12 Victory Travels Ltd.
Representative: Mr. Krishna Nanda Das
Phone: 9550916, 9556129
13 Vincent Communication Limited
Representative: Mr. S. Rumi Saifullah
Designation: Mg. Director
Phone: 8820509
14 Vincent Impex Limited
Representative: Mr. S. Hedayetullah
Designation: Mg. Director
Phone: 8820509
15 Virgo Fish & Agro Process Ltd.
Representative: Maj. Gen. Syed Shafayetul Islam
Designation: Mg. Director
Phone: 8412856, 8410674
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Seminar & Workshop
Jul 21, 2017
Training Course on "Logistics, Inventory and Store Management" to be held during 21-22 July 2017 from 10.00 am to 05.30 pm
Jul 14, 2017
Training Course on "Development of Managerial Leadership Skill" to be held during 14-15 July 2017 from 10.00 am to 05.30 pm
Jul 14, 2017
Workshop on "ICT for Efficient Office Management" to be held during 14-15 July 2017 from 10.00 am to 05.30 pm
Latest News
Jun 10, 2017
DCCI trade team off to China to attend 12th China-South-Asia Business Forum
Jun 08, 2017
Accreditation for quality construction and the built environment: DCCI-BAB seminar
Jun 01, 2017
Increased allocation in infrastructure will boost investment climate: DCCI in its initial comments on budget 2017-18
May 21, 2017
DCCI proposes for National Infrastructure Development & Monitoring Advisory Authority (NIDMAA)
DBI Training Activities
Dec 16, 2016
New Economic Thinking: Bangladesh 2030 and Beyond